Newcomers Guide

Air rifle shooting is one of the most popular forms of shooting in the UK. It offers beginner shooters a economically friendly and easy to get into a shooting sport that has competitions from club to Olympic level. It also offers some unique qualities that other shooting sports don’t have which include:

A state of the art rifle may look really cool, but they are no more accurate than any other PCP.

  • The ability to shoot at home with a suitable back stop (and some other rules)
  • Very low cost ammunition
  • No lengthy paperwork or licensing requirements to buy a gun
  • Friendly to younger shooters
  • Low cost membership with lots of opportunity to shoot year round

If you have ever thought about trying shooting out as a hobby, air rifles are a great place to start. It’s a family friendly sport where children often learn to outshoot their parents very quickly and a sport where men regularly get beaten by women. It’s a very level playing field that anyone can compete in.

Another great advantage of air rifle shooting is the cost. It’s far easier on your bank account to get into and stay into compared to other shooting sports like clay pigeon or full bore rifle shooting.

Once you have your rifle and scope, there’s no real expense beyond this other than pellets which cost around £10 for 500 shots or PCP bottle refills every few months which cost £5 or so. If you buy the right kit second hand and look after it you don’t really lose out on any money either when it comes time to sell it to upgrade or do something else.

About Tawd Vale Air Rifle Club

Tawd Vale has some of the best air rifle shooting facilities in the country. We have large, well assessible grounds based within a Scout Camp near Lathom. We can offer facilities for target shooting, as well as plinking and zeroing. It really depends what you’re into.

The club has club guns it can lend to new shooters, as well as club instructors who can help you learn the basics of the sport. Our membership consists of ex-world and British champions who compete at the highest level and people who just enjoy shooting tin cans on a Sunday with their friends.

Our goal is to maintain a happy atmosphere that is safe and welcoming to anyone interested in our hobby.

You can learn more about our club history and what exactly we do here.

How to arrange your first visit to Tawd Vale FT and ARC

All details on arranging your first visit to our club can be found here.

Please do contact us before turning up for the first time, it’s important we organise a committee member to be present who can talk you through our club safety rules and show you around the place.