Forum FAQ

Tawd Vales club forum serves as the clubs noticeboard. Within the forum you will find a lot of information about the club such as:

  • Club announcements and news
  • Organising work parties and competitions
  • Sales board for members to sell guns and accessories
  • Specific sub forums for each shooting discipline the club does
  • Lots of information for new people to learn from

It’s also a great place for new shooters to ask questions or get help on any issues they are facing.

How to sign up

Step 1: Open the forum registration page.

When you visit the club forum for the first time you will be greeted by this page. As you don’t have an account yet you will need to register your details with us. The first step of this is to click the “register an account” link highlighted below.

Step 2: Accept the legal notices

The next screen highlights some legal stuff which covers the forums owner from potential issues around misuse of forums. This is standard stuff, read it and press accept below.

Step 3: Enter your details

The next screen is the important one, this is where you set your username and password. This page is split into two parts which can be seen below.

Most of this is self explanatory, but if you’re stuck this is what each part means:

Username: This is the username your account will use to log in. As we are a rifle club who meet each other in real life we ask users to use their real names and not generic usernames like “The_Devil_666”. It’s nice to know who you’re talking to.

Email: This is your email address, this is used if you forget your password and occasionally we may email you news about the club.

Allow users to email me: This can be ignored.

Choose password: Enter your chosen password here

Verify password: Enter it again

Once this section is complete move into the “verification” section. This composes of simple questions and tasks to prove that your forum registration was completed by a human and not a spam bot.

The first task is to repeat the letters you see in the picture. The second task is to complete a simple maths question and to type the answer in words (as in “ten”).

Once this is done click the register button.

Step 4: Wait

When you click on register you should be taken to this screen if everything was done correctly.

Due to the high amounts of spam accounts we get new forum registrations are manually approved by the web master. If you want to ensure that we let you on feel free to text (not ring) the website administrator on 07531 382638. Let them know that you just registered and be sure to send them your username.

Alternatively you can wait 24-48 hours, you should get an email when this has been completed but this is easily missed as some email providers will filter this into your spam folder.