Tawd Vale Field Target and Air Rifle Club has been running for over 30 years, our aim is to provide people with an interest in the safe use of airguns and somewhere to shoot with like minded people. We are open every Sunday rain or shine from 9am as well as some members only midweek shoots.

We are associated with the British Field Target Association and also North West Field Target Association.

You do not need to own a gun to begin shooting at Tawd Vale and it is advised that you come to the club and try a few out before you buy one for yourself, most members are more than happy to let you try their set up. We also have two club guns that we loan out for free to newcomers, but you will have to buy pellets (which you keep for next time).

What do we do exactly?

A knockdown FT target
A knockdown target used in FT and HFT.

We are a group of people who shoot airguns, run by a committee of volunteers to provide a space for airgun shooters. We don’t really care what form of airgun shooting you enjoy, just as long as it’s safe and helps us maintain the enjoyable atmosphere the club currently provides.

We have approximately 1 acre of woodland and 1 acre of flat open field. Within the woodland you can expect “knockdown” targets to be placed out for field target and hunter field target shooters. In the open field we have a plinking range with anything from cardboard for rifle zeroing to tin cans, spinners and other fun things to shoot. You can see a full list of our club facilities here.

We run a monthly club HFT league, this is a small competition for club members to take part in. No one is forced to take part but these are designed to be an introduction to the competitive side of airgun shooting. Some of our club members are former British and World champions, if competition is something you enjoy then you will fit right in. Our club also hosts regional NWFTA events and sometimes national events, please check the club calendar to see what’s going on.

We are a club run by volunteers, because of this if you become a member you will be expected to help with course set up, ground work  and maintenance or help during have a go days that run at a local country fair. This is a condition of membership and in truth is it just requires you to help set up if you get there early or help pack away if you’re there at the end. We are not a commercial business providing a service, we are a club of members.

Club Aims and Objectives

  • To promote the good name of Air Rifle and Field Target Shooting and to promote the growth of the sport.
  • To maintain good relations with the public, press, and other organisations by offering them the services of the club at fund raising events
  • To promote by tuition and training the safe handling of all air weapons, thereby safeguarding club members, property, wildlife and members of the public.
  • To encourage and maintain a friendly atmosphere within the sport

Newcomers FAQ

How do I arrange my first visit?
All first visits to the club must be arranged with the club secretary. Please do not turn up without first contacting us as we need to make sure there are committee members available to go through the club safety rules and show you what we expect from you. Their contact details can be found here.

Where are you located?
Our ground is located in Burscough.

Can my children shoot?
As long as your child is at least 9 years old and is physically capable of safely handling a rifle then children are more than welcome to shoot under their parents supervision. Parents must be present and are responsible for their child during visits to the club.

If your child is under 9 or we feel they are not capable of holding a rifle safely they will not be able to shoot. We are very accommodating of children shooting and have many families as current members but these rules must be followed to comply with club insurance and safety rules.

Can I bring my gun?
If you already own a legal sub-12ft/lbs air rifle then feel free to bring it with you on your first visit to the club. Note that any gun brought onto the grounds must be in a case at all times until you’re at the shooting venue, do not carry your gun from the car park to the club uncovered.

If you don’t already own a gun don’t feel like you should go out and buy one until you see what we do. People who do this often buy the wrong gun for the shooting they want to do and spend their money on the wrong thing. We also have many members selling second hand guns which might save you cash for other equipment.

Do you do pistol shooting?
We have occasional access to a pistol shooting range but this isn’t something we do every week.

Can I go hunting here?
Absolutely not, if you shoot anything other than the targets we put out you will be asked to leave. People who hunt are welcome to attend to hone skills or set up rifles, but we do not shoot animals here.